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First record of Sharpe’s Starling Poeoptera sharpii for Malaŵi


Première mention du Spréo de Sharpe Poeoptera sharpii pour le Malawi. Le 3 janvier 2016, un Spréo de Sharpe Poeoptera sharpii immature a été photographié dans la Réserve forestière de Wilindi-Matipa dans les Misuku Hills, à l’extrême nord du Malawi. Bien que la possibilité que l’espèce ait niché localement ne puisse être exclue, il est plus probable qu’il s’agisse d’un cas de dispersion post-nidificatrice.

Sharpe’s Starling Poeoptera sharpii is restricted to the canopy of forests and dense woodland at 1,800–2,500 m with annual rainfall of >1,000 mm, as in Kenya (Lewis & Pomeroy 1989), although in Ethiopia it has been recorded at 1,280–2,910 m (Ash & Atkins 2009) and in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo exceptionally as low as 1,250 m (Prigogine 1971). The species ranges from south-central Ethiopia in the north, to eastern DR Congo in the west and the West Usambara Mountains of Tanzania in the east. The most southerly breeding locality is Mount Rungwe in southern Tanzania, as confirmed by a specimen with incomplete skull ossification collected on 29 October 1971 (Dowsett et al. 2003; R. J. Dowsett in litt. 2016). The southernmost record of the species, however, is of four individuals observed in the Mafinga Mountains, near the headwaters of the Luangwa River in Zambia, on 21 November 2002 (Dowsett et al. 2003, 2008).

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