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First record of Mountain Wagtail for Senegal

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Première observation de la Bergeronnette à longue queue Motacilla clara au Sénégal.

Le 6 mars 2015, une Bergeronette à longue queue Motacilla clara a été photographiée dans la Réserve Naturelle Communautaire de Dindéfello, au sud-est du Sénégal. Il s’agit de la première donnée de l’espèce pour le pays

Dindéfello Nature Reserve, now covering c.14,045 ha, is located in Kedougou district, south-east Senegal. It is managed by the Commune Rurale de Dindéfello, targeting the conservation of natural resources and the socioeconomic development of the local population on a sustainable basis. Several wildlife inventories have been carried out in the reserve and 221 bird species have been recorded to date, including six whose occurrence in Senegal is known only from this site, as well as Kulikoro (Mali) Firefinch Lagonosticta virata, an endemic to the upper Niger Valley (Fernández-García et al. 2013). The presence of a large number of species restricted to the SudanGuinea savanna biome has supported the recent classification of the reserve as an Important Bird Area (BirdLife International 2016).

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