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First record of Greater Painted-snipe for Seychelles

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Première mention de la Rynchée peinte Rostratula benghalensis pour les Seychelles.

L’observation d’une femelle adulte de la Rynchée peinte Rostratula benghalensis sur l’Île Persévérance, Seychelles, le 30–31 janvier 2016, a été acceptée comme la première donnée pour le pays par le Comité d’Homologation Seychellois.

I n the afternoon of 30 January 2016, Catherina Onezia and Joel Souyave noted a waterbird they did not recognise at the margin of a track in an industrial area on Île Persévérance, a reclaimed island joined by a causeway to the main island of Mahé, near the capital of Seychelles, Victoria. The bird was feeding in small, shallow, muddy rainwater pools surrounded by low vegetation, mainly Beach Morning Glory Ipomea pes-caprae. Identification as an adult female Greater Paintedsnipe Rostratula benghalensis was made that evening through reference to guide books (Sinclair & Langrand 2013, Hawkins et al. 2015) and a record form was sent to me as Secretary of Seychelles Bird Records Committee (SBRC). I visited the area the following day, joined by CO & JS. The bird was relocated at a nearby temporary rainwater pool, taking flight upon our approach for c.50 m and landing in the vicinity of the original observation, where it was photographed (Figs. 1–2). Searches of the area during the following days failed to relocate the bird

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