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First record of American Wigeon in The Gambia and associated records from Kartong Bird Observatory

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Première mention du Canard à front blanc Mareca americana pour la Gambie et autres observations de l’Observatoire d’oiseaux de Kartong.

Le 12–22 décembre 2015, une femelle du Canard à front blanc Mareca americana a été observée et photographiée à l’Observatoire d’oiseaux de Kartong (13°05’46.8”N 16°45’53.2”W), sur la côte de la Gambie. Il s’agit de la première mention documentée pour le pays. Une Sarcelle d’hiver Anas crecca, femelle, la première pour l’Observatoire, était présente pendant la même période.

On 12 December 2015, CJC observed a female duck on wetlands near Kartong Bird Observatory (13°05’46.8”N 16°45’53.2”W), on the Atlantic coast in south-west Gambia. Further observations and photographs made at the same site on 14 December revealed that it was an American Wigeon Mareca americana, a species previously unrecorded in the country (Barlow et al. 1997, Borrow & Demey 2011). The bird was last seen on 22 December at the same wetland (Fig. 1). The weather at this time was typical for mid December being dry with clear skies and temperatures reaching 32°C during the day. The Kartong wetlands form part of the Kartong to Allahein coast Important Bird Area (Robinson 2001), an area of contrasting habitats including open water, Typha-dominated reedbeds, cultivated rice fields and vegetable gardens, Acacia scrub and vegetated sand dunes.

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