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First record of Eurasian Golden Oriole for São Tomé Island, São Tomé and Príncipe

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Première mention du Loriot d’Europe Oriolus oriolus pour l’île de São Tomé, São Tomé et Príncipe.

Le 28 décembre 2015, un Loriot d’Europe Oriolus oriolus a été photographié à Ponta Figo, São Tomé. Il s’agit de la première donnée pour l’île et la deuxième pour São Tomé et Príncipe, la première, un juvénile collecté à Príncipe, datant de novembre 1954.

On 28 December 2015, shortly after midday, my companion K. Beulink pointed out a mainly yellowish-olive and yellow thrush-sized bird perched in a tree c.8–10 m from the terrace of Mucumbli Ecotourism Lodge (00º21’01.46”N 06º32’27.88”E), Ponta Figo, São Tomé. Having spent only a few days on the island, I was focusing on its endemics and I initially supposed that the bird was probably a São Tomé Oriole Oriolus crassirostris. Our guide, however, informed me that São Tomé Oriole at this site would be very unusual.

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