Working for birds in Africa

Rediscovering a lost treasure in the East Usambaras, Tanzania

p 39-40

We arrived at Kwamkole on a blistering hot afternoon. The road from the junction towards the village had been a roller-coaster ride with a series of exciting dips in the puddles of invisible pot-holes. Kwamkole was one of the few villages nestling in a valley almost entirely enveloped by ranges that were partially forested. It was here that we were warmly welcomed by the local villagers, foresters and Aidano Makange of the Kambai Forest Conservation Project. Aidano helped make the otherwise lengthy bureaucratic obligations seem like a brief visit to the dentist. After fulfilling such duties, we viewed our eventual destination: covered in the forest that comprises Lutindi Forest Reserve, Mount Nilo burst through the darkening sky.

Norbert J. Cordeiro

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