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Selected notes on birds of Gola Forest and surroundings, Sierra Leone, including three new species for the country

p 215-227

Summary. Based on five weeks of field work in January - February 2007 observations on status, voice and behaviour are presented for some 50 selected species of Gola Forest, Sierra Leone, including those un- or under-recorded by Allport et al. (1989). Three are new or confirmed for the country: Black-collared Lovebird Agapornis swindernianus, Blue-headed Coucal Centropus monachus and Bates's Swift Apus batesi, whilst a fourth, Bates's Sunbird Nectarinia batesi, has almost certainly been heard but visual confirmation is required. The highlight was the rediscovery of Gola Malimbe Malimbus ballmanni in a section of Gola North, more than 30 years after it was first found. We underline the importance of the forest for the conservation of several threatened species. Full details, including breeding and moult records, are available from the authors.

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