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On the ecology of Brown Nightjar Veles binotatus in West and Central Africa

p 77-81

Summary. Since the identification of its song in 1997 in Congo-Brazzaville, Brown Nightjar Veles binotatus has been found in many new locations, especially in Cameroon, Ghana and Sierra Leone. This Guineo-Congolian nightjar frequents both evergreen and semi-evergreen rain forest, but at varying densities. It is rather local in the latter, but may be very common in certain evergreen forest types (e.g. in Kakum National Park, Ghana, and in Gola Forest, Sierra Leone), provided the forest presents small or medium-sized gaps, such as those occurring in selectively logged forests. Certain territories contain streams with, occasionally, patches of Raphia palms, but the
species appears to be absent from large swamp or flooded forests. Normally, birds sing from a perch in vegetation, often at heights of 10-20 m, occasionally lower, and hunt in small gaps, from the understorey to the canopy.

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