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First records for Congo-Brazzaville of Miombo Pied Barbet, Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird and Sladen's Barbet


Summary. During field work in 2005-06 in the Lesio-Louna Reserve, 140 km north of Brazzaville, Congo-Brazzaville, we made the first country records of Miombo Pied Barbet Tricholaema frontata, Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird Pogoniulus chrysoconus and Sladen's Barbet Gymnobucco sladeni. Photographs and morphometrics are provided of mist-netted individuals of all three species. The nearest records are 85 km to the east for Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, 150 km to the north-east for Sladen's Barbet, and 750 km to the south for Miombo Pied Barbet. The presence of Miombo Pied Barbet is particularly unexpected, as the species is almost exclusively restricted to mature miombo woodland in south-central Africa. In Lesio-Louna, a pair was observed on several occasions in Loudetia grassland with scattered Hymenocardia acida trees. These discoveries provide further support to the classification of the area within the Guinea-Congolian / Zambezian transition zone.

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