Volume 25.2

On the validity of the Golden-naped Weaver Ploceus aureonucha and the Yellow-legged Weaver P. flavipes, with comments on forest ‘nuthatch-weavers’

L. D. C. Fishpool and N. J. Collar
p 159-179

New and noteworthy bird records from the islands of Unguja (Zanzibar) and Pemba, in the Zanzibar archipelago, Tanzania

Jens and Heidi Hering
p 180-192

Seabird sightings off southern and central Mozambique, August–October 2015

Dominic P. Rollinson
p 193-204

Further evidence of Grey-necked Picathartes Picathartes oreas using man-made structures for nesting

Paul L. M. van Giersbergen and Ghislain Ngonga Ndjibadi
p 205-207

First records of Singing Bush Lark Mirafra cantillans for Benin and Ghana

Robert J. Dowsett, Volker Salewski, Nik Borrow & Phil Gregory
p 208-210

First record of Rustic Bunting Emberiza rustica for Algeria

Imed Djemadi, Khalil Draidi and Zihad Bouslama
p 211-212

First record of Red-footed Booby Sula sula for Senegal

Nick Moran, Will Cresswell, Pierre Defos du Rau, Karl Evans, Barend van Gemerden, John Mallord and Kasper Thorup
p 213-215

First record of Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens for Senegal

Bram Piot and Miguel Lecoq
p 216-218

First documented records of Sanderling Calidris alba for São Tomé and Príncipe

Simon Valle
p 219-220

First record of Sharpe’s Starling Poeoptera sharpii for Malaŵi

John P. Davies, Darren W. Pietersen and Lindy J. Thompson
p 221-222

First record of Hartlaub’s Gull Chroicocephalus hartlaubii for Mozambique

Mich Cokera Mich Coker and Gary Allport
p 223-224

Angola White-headed Barbet Lybius [leucocephalus] leucogaster rediscovered

Ninda L. Baptista and Michael S. L. Mills
p 225-229

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