Volume 25.1

Biometrics, moult and vocalisations of Cinnamon and Northern Masked Weavers in Sudan

Tom Jenner
p 31-44

Notes on breeding activity, nesting habitat and sex ratio in the Liben Lark

Nigel.J.Collar and Paul F. Donald
p 45-53

First records of Stilt Sandpiper and Sooty Tern for Cape Verde

Ernst Albegger
p 54-57

Noteworthy records for Senegal, including the first Freckled Nightjar

Jean-Francois Blanc et el
p 58-61

Brief remarks on the status, distribution and taxon of Nubian Nightjar in Ethiopia

Guy M.Kirwan
p 62-64

Noteworthy avifaunal records from Eritrea, including two species new for the country

Nigel Redman
p 65-69

First breeding record of Ahanta Francolin for Nigeria

Adewale G. Awoyemi et al .
p 70-71

First record of African Grass Owl for Gabon

David Hoddinott
p 72

First record of Pectoral Sandpiper for Mozambique

Gary Allport
p 72-74

Little-known Bird: Principe White-eye - a rare island endemic

Jens Hering et al
p 75-81

Photospot: First photographs of nests of Pemba Sunbird and Pemba White-eye

Jens and Heidi Hering
p 82-87

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