Volume 23.2

Notes on the birds of Equatorial Guinea, including nine first country records

Jacob C. Cooper, Luke L. Powell and Jared D. Wolfe
p 152-163

Rare seabird sightings from a pelagic longline vessel off South Africa, July–September 2013

Dominic P. Rollinson
p 164-175

Kungwe Apalis Apalis [rufogularis] argentea: a summary

Michael S. L. Mills, Audrey Msimanga, Alain Reygel and Michel Louette
p 176-184

Use of sewage ponds by birds in Khartoum State, Sudan, and their influence on bird distribution in the region

Tom Jenner and Marwa Taha
p 185-198

Bird observations around Huye (Butare), southern Rwanda

Bruno Boedts
p 199-209

African Openbill breeding in Benin—the only colony known at present in West Africa

Robert J. Dowsett and Françoise Dowsett-Lemaire
p 210-211

Status of Black Stork Ciconia nigra in Lesotho

Grzegorz Kopij
p 212-214

First record of Eyebrowed Thrush for Senegal and sub-Saharan Africa

Rafael Benjumea and Blanca Pérez
p 215-216

First records of Chestnut Sparrow Passer eminibey for Chad

Tim Wacher and John Newby
p 217-218

Snowy Egret in Cape Town, South Africa—second record for continental Africa

Dominic P. Rollinson and Patrick L. Rollinson
p 219-222

Spectacled Warbler, a probable new breeding bird on Sal, Cape Verde Islands

Juan José Ramos
p 223-224

First record of Laughing Dove for the Cape Verde Islands

Rubén Barone and Juan José Bacallado
p 225-226

First record of Knob-billed Duck for St. Helena, South Atlantic

Robert Kleinjan and Nick D. Stevens
p 227-228

First record of Eurasian Golden Oriole for São Tomé Island, São Tomé and Príncipe

Mark van Boekel
p 229-230

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