Volume 22.2

Notes on the behaviour, plumage and distribution of the White-tailed Swallow

Andrew J. Bladon et al
p 148 - 161

Predation of seabird eggs by Common Mynas on Bird Island, Seychelles, and its broader implications

Chris J. Feare, Camille Lebarbenchon, Muriel Dietrich and Christine S. Larose
p 162 - 170

Bird functional diversity in the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve, DR Congo

Stijn Cooleman, Frank Bapeamoni, Michel Louette, Luc Lens and Upoki Angenong’a
p 171 - 182

Observations of Rufous Fishing Owl in Sierra Leone

David Monticelli, Alusein P. Koroma and Denis Bannah
p 183 - 189

Observations of seedeaters from Djibouti

Michael S. L. Mills and Callan Cohen
p 190 - 195

Population expansion of Swee Waxbill, Red-billed Firefinch and Karoo Scrub Robin in Lesotho?

Grzegorz Kopij
p 196 - 199

First records for Guinea-Bissau of Vitelline Masked Weaver and its nesting association with a paper wasp

João L. Guilherme and Piet Wit
p 200 - 203

Rare seabird sightings off north and west Madagascar, January–February 2014

Dominic P. Rollinson
p 204 - 208

New information on the nest and eggs of Long-billed Tetraka

Marcel Achille Ratsaralasy
p 209 - 210

First record of Barau’s Petrel for Namibia, South Atlantic

Marijke N. de Boer
p 211 - 213

First breeding record of Heuglin’s Wheatear for Senegal

Guillermo Mayor, Julio Merayo, Liliana Pacheco, José María Fernández-García, and Daouda Diallo
p 214 - 215

First record of Franklin’s Gull for Ghana

David Fisher and James Ntakor
p 216 - 217

First records of Little Rush Warbler for Benin

Johannes Merz, Sharon Merz and Bruno Portier
p 218 - 220

First record of Forest Swallow for Angola

Michael S. L. Mills and Graham Tebb
p 221 - 222

First record of Pacific Golden Plover for Angola

Michael S. L. Mills
p 223 - 224

First records for Somalia of Bonelli’s Eagle, Short-toed Snake Eagle and Red-breasted Wheatear

Callan Cohen, Michael S. L. Mills and Julian Francis
p 225 - 228

First record of Red Phalarope for St. Helena, South Atlantic

Annalea Beard
p 229 - 230

Photospot: Juvenile Spot-breasted Lapwing

Ron Demey and Rich Andrews
p 231 - 233

Photospot: Aberrant Grey-backed Camaroptera in Cameroon

Christer G. Wiklund
p 234 - 235

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