Volume 19.1

Discovery of Anambra Waxbill Estrilda poliopareia in south-eastern Benin.

Wouter Plomp, Bruno Portier and Julien Gonin
p 19-24

L'avifaune aquatique de la Garaet de Timerganine et des zones humides des Hauts Plateaux de l'est algérien.

Sihem Seddik, Leila Bouaguel, Sabrina Bougoudjil, Mohamed-Chérif Maazi, Menouar Saheb, Sophia Metallaoui et Moussa Houhamdi
p 25-32

Persistence of a dark form of Madagascar Magpie Robin Copsychus albospecularis in central-east Madagascar.

Friederike Woog
p 33-38

Une importante colonie d'Ardéidés et de Threskiornithidés dans l'estuaire de la Loza au nord-ouest de Madagascar.

Paul Koenig
p 39-41

Notes on the nesting biology of Taita Apalis Apalis fuscigularis.

Lawrence Wagura, Mwangi Githiru and Luca Borghesio
p 42-46

First record of Neumann's Starling breeding in an urban area with notes on semi-colonial breeding

Marco Thoma
p 47-51

Interesting sightings from Sierra Leone, including the first Tawny Pipit and the first evidence of Marsh Warbler

David Monticelli
p 52-55

First record of Souimanga Sunbird as a host of Madagascar Lesser Cuckoo at Ankamenabe, Madagascar

A. Solohery Rasamison and Friederike Woog
p 56-58

First breeding record of Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubius in Libya.

Jens Hering and Elmar Fuchs
p 59-60

First records of Narina's Trogon Apaloderma narina for Senegal.

Nacho Aransay, Liliana Pacheco and Iñaki Zabala
p 61-62

First record of Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis for The Gambia.

Clive R. Barlowand Anthony S. Disley
p 62-64

First records of Wahlberg's Honeybird Prodotiscus regulus for Mali and its status in Western Africa

Marco Thoma
p 65-68

First record of Common Coot Fulica atra for the Cape Verde Islands.

Rubén Barone, Teet Sirotkin, Stefan Cherrug, Trond Aspelund, Sven Bödker, Michael Frost, Christer Jönsson and Kirsten Trogstad
p 69-70

First record of Spur-winged Lapwing Vanellus spinosus for Libya.

Jens Hering
p 71-72

First records of Green-backed Eremomela Eremomela canescens and Amethyst Sunbird Chalcomitra amethystina for Rwanda.

Jason Anderson
p 73-74

First records of Herald Petrel Pterodroma heraldica and Bulwer's Petrel Bulweria bulwerii for Seychelles.

David J. R. Andrews and Adrian Skerrett
p 75-78

Photospot: Juvenile Scaly Ground-roller Geobiastes squamiger.

Bruno Raveloson and Roger Safford
p 79-80

Photospot: Nkulengu Rail Himantornis haematopus.

David Fisher and Ron Demey
p 81-82

A productive birding transect from highland Zimbabwe to coastal Mozambique.

Lotz, C.
p 83-93

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