Volume 17.1

Plumage variation in African Goshawk Accipiter tachiro and its separation from congenerics in equatorial Africa

Louette, M. illustrated by Borrow, N.
p 19-31

Status of Short-clawed Lark Certhilauda chuana in south-eastern Botswana

Brewster, C.A., Mooketsa, K. and Herremans, M.
p 32-42

Cataloguing the Lubango Bird Skin Collection: towards an atlas of Angolan bird distributions

Mills, M.S.L., Franke, U., Joseph, G., Miato, F., Milton, S., Monadjem, A., Oschadleus, D. and Dean, W.R.J.
p 43-53

Bird observations from São Tomé: Monte Carmo as a priority conservation site

Olmos, F. and Turshak, G.
p 54-65

First records of eight bird species for Eritrea

Anderson, J.
p 66-70

Recent bird records from Fogo, Cape Verde Islands

Barone, R. and Hering, J.
p 72-78

The separate African winter quarters of Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca and Collared Flycatcher F. albicollis

Dowsett, R.J.
p 79-81

First breeding record and passage of Eurasian Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus in Libya

Hering, J., Fuchs, E. and Brehme, S.
p 82-84

Correction of three historical bird records from Libya

De Faveri, A. and Baccetti, N.
p 85

Rock Firefinch and its brood parasite, Jos Plateau Indigobird in northern Cameroon

Mills, M.S.L.
p 86-89

Rufous Fishing Owl Scotopelia ussheri camera-trapped at midday near Tiwai Island, Sierra Leone

Conway, A., Hernandez, S. and Carroll, J.P.
p 90-91

Noteworthy bird records from São Tomé and Príncipe

Hall, P., Leventis, A.P., Olmos, F., Rumsey, S. and Turshak, L.
p 93-96

Display behaviour of Shelley's Oliveback Nesocharis shelleyi

Mills, M.S.L.
p 97-98

Little-known African bird: Madagascar Serpent Eagle Eutriorchis astur

Eames, J.C.
p 99-101

Photospot: Friedmann's Lark Mirafra pulpa

Borrow, N.
p 102-105

Finding southern Ethiopia's endemic birds

Spottiswoode, C.N.
p 106-113

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