Volume 12.2

Western Black-headed Batis Batis erlangeri: a separate species consisting of two subspecies

Louette M.,
p 99-105

Rare birds in Morocco: report of the Moroccan Rare Birds Committee (2001-2003)

Bergier P., Franchimont J., Thévenot M., and the Moroccan Rare Birds Committee
p 106-118

Additions to the avifauna of Mali

Dowsett, R. J. and Dowsett-Lemaire, F.
p 119-124

Notes on breeding and food of Yellow-billed Kite Milvus migrans parasitus in Mali

Bijlsma, R. G., van Manen, W. and van der Kamp, J.
p 125-133

Argan woodland: an important bird habitat in Morocco

Vernon, R., Thévenot, M., Bergier, P. and Rousseau, E.
p 134-146

Discovery of Cape Verde Warbler Acrocephalus brevipennis on Fogo, Cape Verde Islands

Hering J., Hering H.
p 147-149

Status of Beaudouin’s Circaetus beaudouini and Short-toed Snake Eagles C. gallicus in Kenya.

Clark, W. S., Fisher, D., Finch, B., de Bruijn, B. and Shani, I.
p 150-152

Spectacled Warbler Sylvia conspicillata in Mauritania: first breeding records

Schmaljohann, H. and Salewski, V.
p 153-155

First record of Asiatic Dowitcher Limnodromus semipalmatus for Africa

Deighton, D.
p 156-157

First record of American Golden Plover Pluvialis dominica for Mauritania, and its status in western Africa

Schmaljohann, H. and Thoma, M.
p 158-161

First records for Niger of Red-chested Cuckoo, Grassland Pipit and other species

Christensen, K.D., Tottrup, A.P., Rahner, M.C. and Brouwer, J.
p 162-164

First record of Black-headed Gull Larus ridibundus for Benin

Van Muyen, B.
p 164-165

Premières observations de l'Aigrette ardoisée au Congo-Brazzaville

Ikonga, J.M. and Rainey, H.J.
p 166-167

Little known African bird: Mali Firefinch Lagonosticta virata

Payne, R. B.
p 168-169

Photospot: An intermediate form of Hairy-breasted Barbet Tricholaema hirsuta

Fishpool, L. D. C.
p 172-173

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