ABC Bulletin 24.2 September 2017

Is the Cape Parrot a species or a subspecies, and does it matter to CITES?

N.J.Collar and L.D.C.Fishpool
p 156-170

Status of Rosy Bee-eater on the Niger River, north-central Nigeria

Chima J. Nwaogu et al
p 171-181

Birds of Joao Vieira and Poilao Marine National Park, Bilagos, Guinea-Bissau

Camilo Carneiro et al
p 182-191

Birds recorded off Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire, April-May 2013 and March-May 2014

Marijke N. de Boer and James T. Saulino
p 192-203

Greater Honeyguide brood parasitism and presence of a developmental hook in the Rosy Bee-eater

Chima J. Nwaogu and Samuel T. Ivande
p 204- 208

Bird records from Annobon, Equatorial Guinea, October 2016, including the first Squacco Heron

Brendan Sloan
p 209-212

First records of Lesser Sand Plover for Katanga, DR Congo

Michel Louette and Michel Hasson
p 213-215

Red-billed Queleas at sea off Senegal

Rowena Quantrill
p 216

Another probable record of South Polar Skua in West Africa, the first from Togo

Robert J. Dowsett
p 217-218

First records of Eastern Paradise Whydah for Rwanda

James Hogg
p 219-220

First record of Bulwer’s Petrel for Mozambique

Gary Allport
p 221-224

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