ABC Bulletin 21.1 March 2014

The African Bird Club – 20 years of working for birds in Africa

Bill Quantrill
p 4-9

Raptors in northern Cameroon, December 2005 – December 2010

Ralph Buij and Barbara M. Croes
p 26-63

Migration of raptors across the Bab el Mandeb Strait, Djibouti, March 2013

M. J. McGrady, H. A. Rayaleh, A. M. Dara and E. Abdillahi
p 64-71

Observations ornithologiques aux environs d’Antananarivo, Madagascar

Bruno Boedts
p 72-81

Unusual concentration of Red-billed Buffalo Weaver nests on pylons in northern Namibia

Grzegorz Kopij
p 82-83

First documented record of Semi-collared Flycatcher for Libya

Abdulmaula Hamza and Jaber Yahia
p 83-85

First record of Bamenda Apalis for Nigeria

Charles Ayuk Nsor, Elijah Nicodemus and Usman Bashiru
p 85-86

First record of Spur-winged Lapwing for São Tomé and Príncipe

Simon Valle and Madalena Patacho
p 87-88

Northward range extension for Littoral Rock Thrush in south-west Madagascar

Charlie J. Gardner and Louise D. Jasper
p 89-90

First record of Squacco Heron for St.Helena, South Atlantic

J. C. Hillman, Gavin Ellick, Kevin George and Dennis Leo
p 91-92

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