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TOTAL CWAC Report. Coordinated Waterbird Counts in South Africa 1992-97

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P.B. Taylor, R.A. Navarro, M. Wren-Sargent, J.A. Harrison and S.L Kieswetter. Avian Demography Unit, Cape Town. Pricing and information about availability from ADU, University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, 7701 South Africa, or e-mail [email protected]
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This book, which details waterbird trends at over 270 wetland sites in South Africa between 1992-97, is the culmination of the six years work since the scheme's inception. Waterbird counts are made in midsummer and midwinter at sites and the results are compiled by the Avian Demography Unit in Cape Town. The scheme has over 20 objectives and key questions but overall aims to better conserve wetlands in the region through monitoring populations, identifying key sites for waterbirds and disseminating the information.

The book is split into two main sections - site accounts and species accounts with some useful introductory chapters on the significance of wetlands for birds in South Africa and also a summary of the methods used. The results are presented to the usual ADU high standard and make fascinating reading for those interested in waterbirds. Although not a book you will read from cover to cover, it is an extremely useful reference and will be used by scientists, conservation NGOs, government organisations and also interested birders. Although these kind of publications are immediately out of date once published, this one will remain an incredibly useful baseline upon which future changes can be compared.

Phil Atkinson

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