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Sounds of Seychelles - Fauna of the Granitic Islands / Soundscapes of the Granitic Islands

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Gerard Rocamora and Aurora Solé / Aurora Solé and Gilles Abbé. 2001. UK£15 each incl. p&p or UK£28 for two-CD set from Nature des Iles Pty Ltd, PO Box 1059, Mahé, Seychelles ( Also available from Wildsounds, Cross Street, Salthouse, Norfolk NR25 7XH.
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Fauna of the Granitic Islands is likely to be of most interest to birders as its 51 tracks include the vocalisations of all the endemic bird species found on the granitic Seychelles islands. Calls of introduced landbirds and a selection of seabirds, amphibians and invertebrates are also included. Soundscapes of the Granitic Islands comprises 14 longer cuts of ambient Soundscapes recorded in the unique islands of the Seychelles.

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