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SASOL Birds of the Kruger National Park

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This 90 minute video and sound guide features 250 species regularly found within the Kruger National Park and appears designed to complement the many excellent field guides to the birds of Southern Africa currently available. Its use is not restricted to birders visiting this renowned park or southern Africa as the vast majority of species are found elsewhere within the continent. The video's photographic and production quality is excellent with many mouthwatering close-up shots of desirable species such as Pel's Fishing Owl Scotopelia peli, Three-banded Courser Cursorius cinctus, White-backed Night Heron Gorsachius leuconotus, Mozambique Nightjar Caprimulgus forsii and Martial Eagle Polemaetus bellicosus to name just a few. The birds themselves have been arranged into the relevant habitat or group section which includes: bushveld, grassland, water, raptors and nightbirds. Each bird is titled in both Afrikaans and English although for a worldwide audience the inclusion of scientific names would help clear up any confusion arising from unfamiliar vernacular names. All in all, this is a superb video and an extremely useful tool in improving identification skills. Offering excellent value for money, anyone wishing to visit the region or perhaps just wanting to rekindle old memories should take a look for themselves.

Guy Eldridge

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