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Numbers and distribution of wintering waterbirds in the Western Palearctic and Southwest Asia in 1997,1998 and 1999: Results from the International Waterbird Census

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Niels Gilissen, Lieuwe Haanstra, Simon Delany, Gerard Boere and Ward Hagemeijer. 2002. Wetlands International Global Series No. 11. Wageningen, The Netherlands. 182pp, and 75 maps.

This well-presented report summarises the results of three years of waterbird counts, undertaken as part of the long-term site-based monitoring scheme for waterbirds in the non-breeding season, organised by Wetlands International. Totals of 22 to 23.5 million waterbirds of more than 230 species were counted over the three census years. Clear maps are presented for 51 species, summarising their average January distribution. The region covered by the ABC is only represented by Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, where disappointingly few data were collected, the most noteworthy being the 24,542 Greater Flamingos Phoenicopterus [ruber] roseus in Algeria in 1999. For further information see

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