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Los Vertebrados Terrestres de Teno—Catálogo Ilustrado y Comentado

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Beneharo Rodríguez, Felipe Siverio, Manual Siverio, Airam Rodríguez and Rubén Barone, 2014. Grupo de Ornitología e Historia Natural de las islas Canarias, Buenavista del Norte. 294 pp, c.300 colour photographs. Hardback. ISBN 978-84-616-8670-4. Further details at
p 125

Located in north-western Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, Teno Rural Park comprises the Teno massif and surrounding areas up to c.15 km from Punta de Teno itself. This is an old volcanic massif with large coastal cliffs and a very rugged landscape. The book gives details of 264 bird species, 16 mammals and eight reptiles that have been found there.

The majority of the book (which is entirely in Spanish) is devoted to birds, with distribution maps for 51 species on a 2 km × 2 km grid. The monthly occurrence of 49 migratory species is shown using bar charts. The status of each species is described with references to further literature in many cases. This section includes 212 colour photographs, thus most species are illustrated.

Other sections discuss the relationships between some of the species described and there is a chapter outlining conservation threats to the area. Guidance is provided for visitors, suggesting sites that offer the best opportunities to view wildlife. However, sadly the Punta de Teno Peninsula is currently closed to the public except with special permission. Hopefully, wider access will be granted before too long. This will prove a useful book for anyone able to visit the area.

Keith Betton

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