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Les zones d'importance pour la conservation des oiseaux à Madagascar

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Projet ZICOMA 1999. 266 pp, many maps. In French with English abstract. Projet ZICOMA, BP 1074, Antananarivo 101, Madagascar. Price to be announced.
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This book is a contribution to the Important Bird Areas (IBA) in Africa programme coordinated by BirdLife International. Following succinct and informative introductory chapters, 84 IBAs are described, based on a very thorough literature search and a programme of field work by the ZICOMA team, which appears to have left few stones unturned. For many areas, this book provides the first published documentation. The site accounts are supplemented by land cover maps produced by the most recent national survey programme - the Inventaire Ecologique Forestier National - which cover the surroundings of the IBAs as well as the sites themselves. This book is one of the most important publications on conservation in Madagascar, with a mass of information that will be of great value even to non-ornithologists. All those interested in biodiversity conservation in Madagascar require this book. Any birder considering going off the beaten track will find dozens of ideas in the text and maps. The compilers and project staff deserve enormous congratulations for their thorough and timely work. Arrangements for the sale of the book have not yet been finalised; in the meantime, requests may be sent to the project office in Antananarivo.

Roger Safford

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