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Guidebook to Park W National Park, Niger

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Christopher M. Jameson and Timothy EC. Crisler. 1996. 5000 CFA Francs (FF50).
page 67

This guidebook to Niger's only National Park has been produced in three languages (English, French and German). As well as an informative history of the park and sections covering geology and climate, there are species accounts describing the identification and status of noticeable trees, mammals, birds (only 29 of over 350 bird species recorded in the park are included) and reptiles. The book also contains complete checklists of mammals, birds and a list of threatened tree species; these lists provide the scientific, English, French and German names, and the Hausa and Zarma names for mammals. An additional useful feature is the comprehensive guide to mammal tracks given inside the front and rear covers. The book has been produced locally with Peace Corps involvement. Whilst the printing and illustrations are not of the standard to which we are accustomed in many guides, the book contains much interesting information and can be recommended to anyone visiting Park W, or as a model for other similar productions elsewhere.

Rob Williams

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