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Guide sonore des oiseaux nicheurs des Comores

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Sounds of nesting birds of the Comores
Guide sonore des oiseaux nicheurs des Comores. M. Herremans, 2001. CD featuring 82 taxa, with companion booklet of 8 pp. Tervuren: Africa Museum, B-3080 Tervuren, Belgium; e-mail: [email protected]
pp 162-163

This CD contains an impressive selection of recordings of landbirds from all four islands of the Comoro archipelago. Particularly interesting are the scops owls Otus, thrushes Turdus, bulbuls Hypsipetes, brush warblers Nesillas, sunbirds Nectarinia / Cinnyris and white-eyes Zosterops, genera each represented by several species and subspecies, with differing views on species limits. Only a few taxa are missing, and sound quality is largely excellent, thanks in part to extensive 'cleaning'. A selection of non-bird noises is usefully included. This CD is essential for all birding visitors to the islands, and also for anyone interested in inter-island variation in bird vocalisations.

Roger Safford

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