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Cranes: their biology, husbandry and conservation

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David H. Ellis, George F. Gee and Claire M. Mirande (eds) 1996. 307pp, colour photographs. Hancock House Publishers Ltd.
page 140

This book deals with all aspects of crane biology, captive breeding and reintroduction that has been learned through captive breeding programmes and field studies, mainly carried out by the International Crane Foundation and Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. The book thus tends to lean towards the two North American species, partly due to their being perhaps the most studied and partly due to all the contributing authors being resident in the USA. An impressive quantity of knowledge is very well presented, covering all aspects of crane biology and population management, from suitable diets for captive birds to artificial insemination techniques, cryptopreservation and genetic management of populations. The final chapter covers the ecology, status and conservation of all species, providing population estimates for populations of all species and a reasonably detailed conservation assessment. The book is the definitive work on crane biology and rearing and as such is not intended for the general birdwatcher or naturalist; however if you have a special interest in cranes or plan to raise or release a few it would be invaluable.

Robert S. R. Williams

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