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Birds of the Luangwa Valley. A Revised and Annotated Checklist of the Birds of the Luangwa Valley National Park and Adjacent Areas

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F. Hide, with drawings by Pete Leonard, 2008. Lusaka: Zambian Ornithological Society. 144 + xv pp. Softback. ISBN: 978–9982–22–077–4. Price unknown.
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This is the third revision of this list (the most recent was in 1993) and incorporates additions to June 2008. It commences with the usual sections on sources of information, brief notes on habitat types (thickets, plains, miombo and mopane woodland, the river, oxbow lakes and riparian forest), climate and the area covered, which includes four national parks, although most of the records come from the South Luangwa National Park. The bulk of the book comprises a fully annotated checklist (of 487 species) with a gazetteer, index, references and a straight 'tick list' bringing up the rear.

Each species account contains a summary table of the status, visibility (i.e. likelihood of seeing it) and a specific note on recorded occurrence in South Luangwa, North Luangwa and Luambe national parks. A paragraph of text details records (of rarities) or a summary of habitat and status (for species of more regular occurrence), and whether the species has been recorded breeding in the area. It also records, where they exist, local names together with a translation.

As with all such lists, it will be an essential part of your luggage if you are visiting the area in question. It also represents an excellent summary of the status and occurrence of birds in an important part of south-east Zambia. All is enhanced by Pete Leonard's excellent drawings.

Peter Lack

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