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Martin Woodcock, well known bird artist and Vice President of ABC, is delighted to offer the following publications on African Ornithology from his extensive library. These are  for sale to ABC Members only. Please contact Martin at [email protected] to confirm availability and postage charges.

Archer, Sir G. and E. M. Godman.  The Birds of Somaliland and the Gulf of Aden. London 1937-961. A fine set in half green leather, raised bands on spine, gilt titles and top. £250

Bannerman, D.A.  The Birds of Tropical West Africa. London 1930-1951. 8 vols. Blue cloth, gilt titles and top. Fine. £175

Belcher, C.F. The Birds of Nyasaland. London 1930. Blue cloth. £10

Bates, G.L.  Handbook of the Birds of  West Africa. London 1930. 572pp. Worn blue cloth. £10

Bird, A.V. Ed. The Paintings of Norman Lighton for Roberts Birds of South Africa. Cape Town, N.D. £50

Bowen, W.W. Catalogue of Sudan Birds. Sudan Govt. Mus. 1926-1931 2 parts in 1. 283pp. Map. Red cloth, wrappers bound in. £10

Bouet, G.  Oiseaux de l'Afrique Tropicale. 2 vols.  798pp. Paris, 1955-1961. Wrappers. Letter from the author tipped in. £20 SOLD

Brown, L. et al.  The Birds of Africa.  8 vols. London 1982-2013. DJ. Fine. £400 SOLD

Chapin, J.P.  The Birds of the Belgian Congo. 4 vols. New York 1932-1954. Brown cloth, leather spines. Plus Gazetteer reprinted from vol. 4 in wrappers. £325

Clancey, P.A. The Birds of Natal and Zululand. London 1964.  Many col. plates, map. DJ. £15

Colston, P. and Kai Curry-Lindahl.  The Birds of Mount Limba, Liberia. B.M. Nat. Hist. 1986. Green cloth. £10

Curry-Lindahl, Kai. Exploration du Parc National Albert et du Parc National de la Kagera. 1961.  429pp. Brown cloth. In French. £25

Dekeyser, P.L. and J.H. Derivot. Les Oiseaux de l'Ouest Africaine. 2 vols. Dakar 1966-1967. 159 plates, 19 in colour. Flexi covers. £15

Finch-Davies, W.G. and Alan Kemp.  The Birds of Southern Africa No 666  Boxed. £40 SOLD

Finsch, Otto. On a collection of Birds from north-east Abyssinia and the Bogos country. Trans Zool. Soc London Vol VII. Part 4. Pp 197-331 1870. Map. 4 col plates by J. Smit. Brown half leather, gilt titles and top. £200

Friedmann, H.  Birds collected by the Childs Frick Expedition to Ethiopia and Kenya Colony. 2 vols. 1022 pp. Washington 1930. Blue cloth, gilt titles. £25

Friedmann, H. and A. Loveridge. Notes on the Ornithology of Tropical East Africa.  413 pp. Cambridge, Mass. 1937. Blue cloth. £25

Fuertes, L.A. and W.H. Osgood. Artist and naturalist in Ethiopia. New York 1936 Worn black cloth. £45

Good, Rev. A-I.. The Birds of French Cameroon. 257pp. 1952. Text figures. Red cloth £30. SOLD

Granvik, H. The Ornithology of north-west Kenya. Brussels 1934. 190 pp. photos. Scuffed brown  leather. Inscribed by the author to W.L. Sclater. £40

Gyldenstolpe, W. Zoological results of the Swedish Expedition to Central Africa 1921 - Birds.  Stockholm. 326 pp. Map 2 plates. Text figures. Red half leather and decorated cloth. £25

Harris, Tony. Shrikes of Southern Africa. Cape Town, 1988. Many col. plates and drawings. Boxed. DJ. Fine £20 SOLD

Harrison, J.A. et al. Eds. The Atlas of Southern African Birds. 2 vols. BirdLife 1997 DJ, fine. £25

Hockey, P.A.R. et al. Eds. Roberts Birds of Southern Africa. VII Ed. 2005 (A very heavy book) £35

Johnston, Sir Harry. The Uganda Protectorate. 2 vols. 1018 pp. London 1902. Many col. plates and photos. Worn black cloth. £45 SOLD

Kemp, Alan. The Bird Paintings of C.G. Finch-Davies. 312pp. Winchester Press, Johannesburg 1984. 101 col plates. Brown cloth in slip case. £25 SOLD

Lavauden, L. Voyage de M. Guy Babault en Tunisie - resultats scientifiques - Oiseaux. 279pp. Paris 1924. 4 plates. Brown cloth. £15

Lippens, L. and H. Wille. Les Oiseaux du Zaire. 509pp. Belgium N.D. Many col. plates and maps. DJ. £20

Louette, M. The Birds of Cameroon - an annotated checklist. Brussels 1981. Wrappers. £20

Meinertzhagen, Col. R. Nicolls' Birds of Egypt. 2 vols. London 1930. Half tan leather, raised bands on spine, gilt top, marbled endpapers. A fine set. £195

Nicoll, M.J.  Handlist of the Birds of Egypt  119 pp. Cairo 1919. Col and b/w illustrations. Green boards. £15

Ogilvie-Grant, W.R. and R. B. Woosnam. Zoological Results of the 1905-1906 Ruwenzori Expedition. 2 vols. Trans. Zool. Soc. London  1909 Vol. XIX  17 hand coloured chromolitho plates. Half brown leather. Gilt titles. Wrappers bound in. £350

Pinto, da Rosa. Ornitologica de Angola. 696pp. Lisbon 1983 48 col. plates, maps, drawings. DJ. Vol. 1 all published. £25 SOLD

Priest, Capt. Cecil D.  The Birds of Southern Rhodesia  4 vols. London 1933-1936. Brown cloth, gilt titles. A fine set. £120 SOLD

Prigogine, A.  Les Oiseaux de l'Itombwe et de son hinterland. 444pp. Belgium 1971. 2 vols in 1. New brown cloth. In French. £10

Rand, A.L.  The Distribution and habits of Madagascar Birds. 499pp. Bull. Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist. 1936 Blue cloth. £15

Schouteden, H.  Faune du Congo Belge et du Ruanda-Urundi - Oiseaux.3 vols. Tervuren 1954. In French. £50 SOLD

Schouteden, H.  Exploration du Parc National Albert - Oiseaux. 197pp.  Colour plates. Brussels  1938. Wrappers. In French. £15

Schouteden, H.  De Vogels van Belgisch Congo en van Ruanda-Urundi. 4 vols. Many maps and photos, drawings and diagrams. Tervuren 1948-1950. Green cloth. In  Dutch. Heavy. £25

Sclater, W.L.  Systema Avium Aethiopicarum   2 vols. London 1930. Interleaved. Worn red cloth. £25

Shelley, G. E.  A Handbook of the Birds of Egypt. London 1874. Half crimson leather. No foxing - a lovely copy. £300 SOLD

Stark, A.C. and W.L. Sclater. The Fauna of South Africa - Birds. 4 vols. London 1900-1906. Green cloth - gilt emblems and crest. £200 SOLD

Strong, R. P. (Ed). The African Republic of Liberia and the Belgian Congo. 2 vols. 1064pp. Many photos. Harvard U.P. 1930  Brown cloth. The author's visiting card, inscribed and signed, tipped-in. £25

van Someren, V.G.L.  The Birds of East Africa - Ploceidae. 93 col. plates. Florida 1973. A limited edition. Half brown leather. Fine. £50

Verheyen, R.  Exploration du Parc National Albert et du Parc National de la Kagera - Oiseaux.  687 pp. Tables, diagrams, photos. Brussels 1953. Half brown leather. In  French. £20

Whitaker, J.I.S.  The Birds of Tunisia. 2 vols. London 1905. Original half green leather, one spine faded to brown. No 143 of 250 copies. Howard H. Davis's bookplate.  £450

Whymper, C. Egyptian Birds. 221pp. 51 col.plates. London 1909. Original decorated  cloth. £20

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