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Lesser Seedcracker (Pyrenstes minor)

Lesser Seedcracker (Pyrenstes minor) - Adult female

» Udzungwa Mts.
Country image taken
» Tanzania
» July, 2007
» Canon EOS 5, lens 25-104mm
Bird Species
»Pyrenestes minor - Lesser Seedcracker
Bird Species (French)
»Petit pyréneste
Bird Status
» Least Concern
» Sex; Female. Age; Adult. No subspecies given in e.g. Birds of Africa - subspecies novo? The individual was in heavy moult. Have seen other photos of this species where the species showed a brownish-grey upperpart, admit this is not the best picture, however it is more grey then anticipated. Udzungwa Mts, July 2007. Copyright@; Louis A. Hansen. The sex was identified due to the shape and feathering of the cloacae region.