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Black-billed Wood-Hoopoe

Black-billed Wood-Hoopoe - Adult

» Elabered (Eritrea)
Country image taken
» Eritrea
» January, 2007
» Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50
Bird Species
»Phoeniculus somaliensis - Black-billed Wood Hoopoe
Bird Species (French)
»Irrisor à bec noir
Bird Status
» Least Concern
» This bird looks like a Black-billed Wood-hoopoe, but some members of the flock had obvious red bills and legs, so it should be an immature Green Wood-hoopoe / smb. Comments from Nigel Redman. This bird is a Black-billed Wood-hoopoe. Eritrea is well outside the known range of Green Wood-hoopoe. The northern race p.s. abyssinicus can have an all red bill but this is little known.

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