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Northern Crombec - ssp Leucopsis?

Northern Crombec - ssp Leucopsis? - Adult

» Jemma Valley
Country image taken
» Ethiopia
» May, 2012
» Canon 7D + 400/5,6
Bird Species
»Sylvietta brachyura - Northern Crombec
Bird Species (French)
»Crombec sittele
Bird Status
» Least Concern
» According to all the literature I have, only ssp Leucopsis has been recorded in Ethiopia. But many birds, like this one, have much less white throat and supercilium, than the ssp Leucopsis depicted in various Field Guides. Both throat and supercilium are mostly buff, this makes the birds look more like ssp Brachyura or ssp Carnapi - or actually, they often look intermediate between Leucopsis and Brachyura/Carnapi!

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