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Abyssinian Woodpecker - Immature female

Abyssinian Woodpecker - Immature female - Immature

» Entoto
Country image taken
» Ethiopia
» January, 2016
» Canon 1D mk IV + 300/2,8 with 1,4 TC
Bird Species
»Dendropicos abyssinicus - Abyssinian Woodpecker
Bird Species (French)
»Pic d'Abyssinie
Bird Family
Bird Status
» Least Concern
» This immature female, photographed 7/1-2016, is almost certainly same bird as photographed 10/12-2015 and with certainty same bird as photographed 28/1-16. There are still a few of the juvenile birds red feathers on crown and the red rump rump is more dull red than on adults. The back is still immature grey-brown, unlike the adults golden-green back (the species was formerly called Golden-backed Woodpecker!)

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